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Why test your trading skills everyday when you get Well researched, Handpicked and Theme based Stock Basket that offers you growth opportunities. Be Wise, Invest in WiseBasket.

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WiseBasket is a pre-researched portfolio of stocks with weights assigned to each stock in the portfolio. The basket could be based on an idea, theme or strategy.

Wisebasket is conceptualized to solve two key problems of investors…

  • Which stock to buy?
  • What should be the weightage of that stock in the overall portfolio?

Investors receive advice from different sources like Relationship Managers, Friends, Brokerage Research Reports, Neighbors, Television Anchors etc. This creates bigger confusion on what to buy or not to buy.

The research team at WiseBasket not only helps you to find the best quality stocks, they also determine the appropriate weightages to be assigned to each stock. The combination of both these factors helps investor to manage risks while generating returns.

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Bank Basket

Without credit circulation, our economy will not be able to survive. Given this scenario, can you afford to ignore financing stocks? There is a strong reason why financials comprise 40% of Nifty 50 index ...

Contra Bets

When the third richest person in the world- Mr Warren Buffett has made money on this philosophy ‘Be Greedy When Others are Fearful’, we should pay heed to it. Investors have been fearful in ...

Growth Plus

The population in middle class bracket is growing at a phenomenal pace. 65% of the population is below the age group of 35 years which makes India one of the youngest countries in the world....

Created by Equity
Research Experts

Each Wise Basket is Built by our Equity Research specialist using the top of the line research tools. An ideal combination of Stock allocation and weightage makes each Basket investment worthy.

Created by Equity Research Experts